The 2007 Grant for Democracy and Human Rights Projects in Asia (GDHRPA) supports work that contributes to promoting Democracy and Human Rights and building of international solidarity. This grant shall be awarded to non-government organizations in Asia who continually play a significant role in strengthening people’s participation and empowerment in creating a civil society that respect human rights and protect democracy and peace and encourages international solidarity.

Other Information

In the past The May 18 Memorial Foundation have been supporting organizations with a yearly support amounting to ₩300,000 for the last two years. Those organizations includes:

• Asia NGO Center in Philippines.

• Advocacy Forum in Nepal.

• YPKP in Indonesia.

• PPDD in Thailand.

The National League for Democracy in Korea was given support for ₩200,000 yearly.


For this year the GDHRPA funding shall focus on the following:

• Publication, Education, Training and Research in the field of Democracy and Human Rights in Asia.

• Peace, Conflict Resolution, Women’s Rights, Children’s Rights, Labor Rights in Asia.

• Database and Net-work building.


• Applications only for the new project are eligible.

• Organizations or institutions who have been working on the above field for more than 3 years (applications from GO are not eligible).

• Eligible projects are those based in Asia.

• Organization grant is not available for individuals.

• Projects should not receive funding from other source (the foundation discourages co-founding from other funding sources).


Applicants need to be able to demonstrate that their organization:

• is duly registered, has a constitution/by-laws, a clear management structure, efficient and effective financial control or systems.

• existing program on Democracy, Peace and Human Rights.

• demonstrate the capacity to effectively monitor project implementation, come up with regular evaluation and accomplishment (outcomes, output, and impact) reports once a year.

Application Procedure

2007 Grant for Democracy and Human Rights Projects in Asia will be closed on 19 October 2007. Related documents should be submitted as follows:

• Application Form (refer to the attachment).
• Project Proposal
• Financial or Accounting and Audit System (Internal or External Audit).
• Record of Funds for the last 2 years.
• Organizational profile, brochure and other related documents.

Application for funding must be submitted by post or e-mailed to Selected applicants will be informed on 24 October 2007. Insufficient application will not be accepted.

List of Grantees

a) Short-term grant – 2 organizations will be supported for specific project, which is up to one year term ₩3,000,000.00 (single tranche)

WSCF AP Human Rights Defenders (HRD) Manual
World Student Christian Federation Asia Pacific (WCSF AP)
Hong Kong, SAR
Necta Montes Rocas (Regional Secretary)

Bringing CEDAW to the People: A Public Education Project on the CEDAW Convention and Issues Relevant to Women in Singapore
AWARE – Association of Women for Action and Research
Tashia Peterson (CEDAW Coordinator)

b) Mid-term grant – 2 organizations will be supported for specific project, the project can be implemented for 2 years ₩2,500,000.00 per year (single tranche) or Total of KRW 5,000,000.00

Our Rights: Foundation of Human Development and the Future
TFDP – Task Force Detainees of the Philippines
Quezon City, Philippines
Sr. Crescencia Lucero, SFIC (Exec. Director)

Alternative Education and Community Development for Displaced Children along the Burmese border, Mae Sot
Bangkok, Thailand
People’s Partner for Development and Democracy (PPDD)
Anna Malindog (Executive Director)

c) Organizational grant – 2 organizations will be supported for their operating expenses for specific project, the project can be implemented for 2 years ₩300,000/monthly for 2 years or Total 7,200,000.00

Forwarding Democracy and Equality by Building Capacity of University Students in Malaysia
Malaysia Youth and Students Democratic Movement (DEMA)
Ooi Tze Min ( Sec. of Administration)

Forwarding Rights and Democracy by Building Capacity of Communtiy-based Youth in Malaysia
Maria Chin Abdullah (Director/Pres)


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