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Updates from PPDD

We receieved the following updates from our partner for the GDHRPA, Ms. Anna Malindog of PPDD of Thailand.

Dear May 18 International Team:

Hope all of you are doing great! Just want to give you some updates of the developments in Light School since the Foundation is financial supporting Light School. Please see below;

1. Migrant Schools Sports Competition in Maesot – LS kids joined and they won a lot of prizes both in sports competition and academic competitions. Out of 6 migrants/stateless schools, LS got the overall 3rd place in the competition. It was such a fun day. It was whole day event and I was there also participating and cheering for the kids and giving prize awards to winners as requested by the organizers of the event.

2. LS Kids and Teachers has the new school uniforms already

3. Community Development and Organizing & Economic Training LS Kids’ Parents is on-going, it started just last Friday (Dec. 6) and will be done by Dec. 27. Every other day we have training with the parents, they are very committed and happy to attend the training. I am having fun with them though sometimes quite hard for me because of the language barrier but it’s ok.

4. Training of Teachers on Human Rights, Child Rights, Leadership, Team Building, Project Management and School Curricula Development is on-going. It started last Saturday (Dec. 7) and will be done in Dec. 23 I guess. We have the training with the teacher almost everyday except Sunday and Monday since these days are my paper work day and I cannot be at the school to train them.

5. The new building of the school is almost done. I will send you pictures as soon as it is finished. The school will have Christmas Party by Dec. 20 at Thaime’s Bar and for this we are quit busy here preparing for the event, packing gifts for kids and teachers and games for kids etc. I will send you pictures after the party.

6. The school compound will undergo clean and green drive to beautify the school. This coming Saturday (Dec. 15) we will have flowers and trees planting and rebuilding of the fence of the school. This will be like an environmental day for LS. I will send you pictures of this event as well afterwards.

So far so good, very busy but ok, PPDD also is expanding so that’s another story to tell. Please check out PPDD blogsite every now and then ( for you to see more pictures and updates of all the developments taking place for PPDD and Light School. Please see attached photos.

Thanks and happy holidays! I will give you update every now and then!

Good luck! Take care all of you!

Best Wishes!


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