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The International Internship Programme on Human Rights

The International Internship Programme will strive to contribute to the development of democracy and human rights throughout Asia by recruiting four interns from all over the world, who have been working for human rights and peace organizations in their own countries, and by giving them a chance to learn about and experience the history and process of the development of human rights and democracy in South Korea. Specifically the purpose and aim of the program are the following:

a. To improve International Solidarity
b. To promote Gwangju as Asia’s Hub for Human Rights Movement

Activities of the International Internship Programme 2006

The International Internship Program will introduce the interns to Korean history in general and in particular to the movements and struggle for democracy, including the 1980 Gwangju Democratic Uprising. Both theoretical learning and practical experiences such as lectures, seminars, discussions, interviews and fieldtrips to the sites of democratization movements in Korea will be utilized.

The International Internship Programme will also require its interns to submit reports concerning the human rights situation in their home countries, as well as on the interns own experiences and work. These reports will be included in the “Reports on Human Rights of the Year” as a part of the rapidly expanding database for use by various human rights organizations inside and outside the Republic of Korea.

The interns will be assigned to the International Cooperation Team. They are expected to work as regular staff attending to day-to-day office business. The interns will help the preparatory work and implementation of different events; make presentations to schools when invited; and perform other tasks the Department will assign them to undertake.

Each intern will be asked to select a research topic, conduct the relevant research, and deliver a presentation at the end of their internship program.

For more information regarding the internship program please visit this link


The May 18 Memorial Foundation Revs up International Solidarity Program

Recognizing the magnitude of globalization and the overarching influence of information and communications technology, international solidarity gets highlighted as response to these global phenomena. International solidarity is one of the core tasks identified by The May 18 Memorial Foundation. It envisions an international solidarity with other countries and organizations based on common goals and mutual interests of promoting the spirit of May 18 Gwangju Democratic Uprising; advocating for human rights; and protecting the gains of peace and democracy.

The International Solidarity Program focuses on partnership, participation, exchange and networking with civil society groups of Asia and the rest of the world. Particularly it will conduct: 1) regular exchange of experience and expertise with government, human rights institutions, democracy, peace and other civil society groups in Asia; 2) establish a proactive mechanism for collective action and coordination (education, campaign, and programs for social dialogues and action and address equity issues like gender equality and equal participation); 3) conduct activities and hosts forums that introduces international issues and participate in international conferences and gatherings abroad; 4) build bridges of communications among the civil society of Asia and the rest of the globe through the internet and publication of journals, newsletters, brochures and books both in Korean and English; and 5) facilitate the exchange of experiences and technology (expertise, know-how and human resources) that goes beyond simple financial support.

Since 2000, the foundation has been awarding the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights, sending its volunteers abroad for internship, providing support for non-government organizations, conducting the Gwangju International Peace Camps, and introducing Korean Democracy especially to Korean youth born abroad.

In 2005, the foundation added new activities such as the International Internship Program on Human Rights, where human rights activist are invited to learn the history and experience of Korean democratization and help promote International Solidarity; Asian Partners Study Visit and Exchange, committee members and officers of the foundation visit and learn from its partner organizations; and the Gwangju Forum for Asian Human Rights, that endeavors to dialogue and forge solidarity between and among public officials of National Human Rights institutions, human rights activists of Non-government Organizations (NGOs), academe and other civil society groups.

For this year, these activities will be continued, according to General Affairs Director Chanho Kim. He believes that through The May 18 – International Solidarity Program the spirit of May 18 will be promoted and Gwangju’s role and contribution to international peace, human rights and democracy will be highlighted. He invites individuals, journalists, civil society groups and organizations to join and support the foundation in commemorating and celebrating these programs and activities. Mr. Kim added that detailed information about these activities can be downloaded from the English section of their website at

May 18 Memorial Foundation

The May 18 Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization established on August 30, 1994. It was organized by surviving victims of the 1980 Gwangju Democratic Uprising, the victims’ families, and the citizens of Gwangju. The Foundation aims to commemorate and continue the spirit of struggle and solidarity of the May 18 Uprising, contribute to the peaceful reunification of Korea, and work towards peace and human rights throughout the world. Since its establishment, the Foundation has carried out numerous projects in varying fields, including organizing memorial events, establishing scholarships, fostering research, disseminating public information, publishing relevant materials, dispensing charity and welfare benefits, building international solidarity, and awarding the Gwangju Prize for Human Rights.

The Foundation gets funding from Gwangju citizens, sympathetic overseas Koreans, and from individuals who made sacrifice in the uprising and got indemnification from the government. It is being sustained by people who believe it’s important to keep the ideas and memories of the 1980 May 18 Gwangju Democratic Uprising alive and remembered.

Please visit this site for more information Korean version –
An English version is available at this link –

Message from the President

Glad to see you, Ladies and Gentlemen who love the month, May.
The value and the meaning of the May 18 Democratic Uprising has been taking a important position due to your interest and expectation. May 18 Memorial Foundation and all families related to May would like to appreciate everybody.

We will have 10th anniversary in the coming Aug. this year(2004), which means the valuable moment of Foundation. We will make an effort to proceed our memorial project well. May 18 has been changed from violent riot to Gwangju uprising, and then to Gwangju Democratic Uprising. Therefore, we are at the critical turning point.

The reason for the standout of May 18 when Korean democracy faces the hard time makes us think of once more. Because it was the lofty democratic uprising to take the human being’s general worth such as human rights, democracy, and unification.

We have an historical mission of commemorating and succeeding the May 18 Democratic Uprising. Nationwide and worldwide effort based on harmonized organization should be continued. It is true we have achieved 5th compensation for national meritorious people, a meaningful result, although it has been 10 years and suffering from difficulties since last ’94. It is because of many people who have been leading the foundation from the beginning.

I would like to give my thank and respect to all people to have been struggling and striving, and to follow their track for making the foundation stand at first throughout the world.

May 18 is not only for Gwangju citizen commemorating it, but for every Korean. It would be a main role to bring the unification. It is the time for everybody to be with May 18.

Please give me many concern and support, which spur me on everybody’s wishes.

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